Experience. Expertise. Empathy.

Our trainers each have over 20 years of solid training and research experience in this field.

We have delivered training to over 5,000 participants across many sectors. We listen closely to every one.

We’re not here to teach you ‘how to do your job’, to make those many points of judgment that come with your professional role, for you.

Our training is about being alongside you.
We want to support you by bringing out and directing skills and experience you already possess. Helping you to:

  • Enhance your professional knowledge
  • Trust your professional instinct
  • Build your professional confidence

Ours is a down-to-earth and sleeves-rolled-up approach where no question can be too direct or silly and where – in a safe and confidential space – we apply what we learn together to issues in real life.

Our courses have been designed after extensive feedback and are designed to raise the professional confidence and knowledge of staff in areas such as:

  • Schools
  • Local and national Government departments
  • Human resources
  • Pastoral care
  • Prison officers
  • Police forces
  • Councillors and local authority
  • Hospitals, care homes and hospices
  • Burial and bereavement services
  • Armed forces
  • Muslim voluntary and community groups


Our most popular training course options (in the grey boxes below) have been designed to fit around busy working schedules. We can also design tailor-made courses for your specific needs and times. Materials are provided to support the learning and even complex ideas are presented in an accessible format.

You may only have a slight sense of the kinds of topics and areas you feel training should cover… if so, please do not worry! This really is quite common, and we can quickly help you identify training that fit your needs and address your aims.

Use the box below to let us understand your basic training needs or concerns.

Breakfast courses

Punchy information providers and myth busters, these explore pertinent issues and bring relevance to questions that spring out.

Duration : 30-45 mins.

Day courses

Our day courses can be ‘built to spec’ and provide for a relaxed learning day where important networking takes place and different disciples have time and space to inject their experience and insight into the learning experience. The after-lunch part of the day brings it together and generates important synergy and professional confidence.

Duration : 6-7 hours (inclusive of lunch).

Half day courses

Our most popular courses allow time for discussion to explore issues relevant to work. Including workshops to generate better participant satisfaction and synergy.

Duration : 2.5 – 4 hours.

Lunchtime courses

Versatile tasters that can be focused small table discussions or tailor made one-to-ones.

Duration : 50-90 mins.

Rush hour courses

Designed for after-work professional development, our short evening course brings individuals together from different fields and disciplines to explore key learning components that are most requested by professionals, and provides new networking opportunities.

Duration : 75 – 120 mins.

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