Putting Ramadan to Work

Putting Ramadan to Work

Friday, 02 June 2017

We pray that this Ramadan is proving to be a spiritually blessed, calming period for you all.

We know that observing Ramadan can pose some challenges so we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you that Ramadan can be very rewarding in many ways - some that you might not expect, like honing skills that can help with your career.

Observing Ramadan is, of course, not designed to be an exercise in advancing your work status, but there’s certainly no harm in highlighting some of the additional benefits of the Holy Month.

Fasting offers many spiritual, psychological and physical benefits, but it can also result in some very practical ones too.

For instance, it can teach us time management. When we fast, we change a key aspect of our routine, eating at different times and ensuring meals are right on time when we are allowed to feast rather than fast. Adapting to our new schedule happens literally overnight, and we need to keep it up for a month. It’s food time management in addition to managing the rest of what’s going on in our lives. These skills can be transferred into our jobs, helping us work more efficiently and become ever more productive - helping us deliver more quality work on time.

Reflection during Ramadan can help us understand what we want from life, what we appreciate and where we want to be. Self-examination can lead to self-assurance and self confidence in situations such as business meetings or interviews. If you’re searching for that dream job or to seal a big deal, these Ramadan-related skills could really boost your chances. Our lives can be hectic; taking some time out to think about ourselves and our future can be the catalyst for positive change.

Many Muslims avoid watching TV or scrolling through their social media feeds as much during Ramadan, which clears the mind and reminds us how to focus. Bringing this into the workplace can allow us to really concentrate on our to-do list without distraction, which can only be a good thing as we deliver more.

The atmosphere of Ramadan provides a welcome and much-needed period which can benefit us in many aspects of our lives, including at work. Make the most of it.

Again, Ramadan Mubarak. Happy working!

02 Jun