Statements are no longer enough - this warped ideology has no place in our country

Statements are no longer enough - this warped ideology has no place in our country

Sunday, 04 June 2017

It is with deep sadness, disappointment and anger that New Horizons in British Islam is again condemning yet another heartless and cowardly attack on us, the British people - the third such incident in the UK this year.

At this harrowing time, our immediate thoughts are with all those affected in London last night. The 7 innocent people that were killed and the nearly 50 that have been injured, their families and friends. The whole country stands with them.

Whilst we would never wish any of our police officers, paramedics or fire-fighters to have to encounter such terrifying situations, we are eternally grateful for their bravery and speedy response. As the rest of us naturally panic and run away, you thrust yourself into the chaos to keep us all safe. Thank you. The security forces have foiled many such plots and we must do everything we can to support our country, our police and our security forces to prevent such attacks in the future.

As we all know, this is the holy month of Ramadan; it is a blessed time of spiritual reflection for Muslims – a fact obviously lost on the monsters that caused this mayhem. Whilst faithful Muslims were performing late night prayers, they - the unfaithful- were plotting revolting crimes against humanity.

Real Muslims pray - whilst they simply prey. They prey on innocent passers by going about their business. They prey on little girls enjoying a pop concert. And now they prey on Londoners on a night out. They prey on our joy, our harmony and our freedoms. They prey because they are animals.

It shouldn’t even have to be said, but this is not Islam. Their warped view of the world doesn't belong here in our country. Frankly, it doesn't belong anywhere in the world. It should die with them.

Yes, we will cry again. Yes, we will mourn again. And yes, we will hurt again.

But every time this happens our resolve only grows stronger - to rid our country, and the world, of this scourge. We will unite again, stand proud again and continue to live happily and freely again. That is what they would hate the most and that is what we will do.

04 Jun